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We are new to Weight Watchers and have chosen the Purple Plan to start. This plan gives us freedom while still offering the accountability of counting Points. We also wrote about how to be Successful on Weight Watchers in general so those tips may help you.

How to do WW Purple Plan Successfully

You may see the Purple Plan referred to as Freestyle Plus. That is because the Zero Point food list is Freestyle's list plus 100 extra foods.

Is the Purple Plan right for you? Try it and find out! You can switch plans at any time if you feel it's not working.

Note: If you are carb sensitive and/or a female over 40, the WW Green Plan may be a better fit. Keep reading to find out about the Purple Plan.

Warnings About the 💜Purple Plan💜

There are a few things to consider before choosing the Purple Plan. If you've already chosen it, congrats! Keep reading to learn what you should keep an eye on with this plan.

WW's Purple Plan is the plan with the most freedom when it comes to Zero Point Foods. Remember, Zero Points does not equal zero calories or carbs.

To even out the huge list of Zero Point foods on the Purple Program, you will start with a budget of less Daily SmartPoints. The lowest you can have on the Blue Plan is 23, Green is 30, and Purple is 16.

Success tip: With 300+ Zero Point foods and a low Points budget, base the majority of your meal on the Zero Point food list. The best way to do this is to make sure the base of your meal is vegetables and lean proteins. Then, build from there and add your Pointed foods (or higher carb Zero Point foods like whole grain pasta).

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WW Plan Changes to Zero Point Food List

While similar, the new Purple Plan does NOT include the same items that were included in the original Simply Filling Plan. Dumpy to Diva outlined these changes in her YouTube video.

You can of course still have these foods, but you will need to point them:

💜 No cereals except oatmeal – so no more bran, cream of rice/wheat or grits, no cold cereals/Cheerios

💜 No breads/wraps/muffins etc

💜 No preprepared soups

💜 No oils/fats/fat free dressing

💜 NO PROTEINS OTHER THAN ON THE FREESTYLE LIST (so no more pork, beef, lamb, game meats, ham, liver, lunch meats)

💜 The only dairy is 0% cottage cheese, Greek/plain/soy 0% yogurt and up to 1% Quark. No more fat-free milk or milk alternatives, ricotta, shredded cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, or soy cheeses.

💜 No meatless crumbles or burgers – only tofu/tempeh

💜 No condiments, unless they are already 0 on Freestyle

💜 No flours, meals, or baking starches are included

WW New Plan FAQ

If you have questions about any of the new Weight Watchers plans, leave a comment below and we will try to answer them!

Will my saved recipes still be on the app? Will I need to put them in again?

Your recipes will be saved and your Points Values update when you switch from any other plan to Purple.

Can I switch plans in the WW app?

Yes! You can switch plans whenever you want, by following this tutorial: how to switch plans on WW. Keep in mind that Weight Watchers suggests you wait at least 2 weeks between switching plans.

Will Connect still be the same?

Connect is grouped together by plan, so you'll see posts from members on your plan. However, you can still access everyone else on Connect as well.

How can the same recipe have different point values?

Consider a recipe like turkey burgers. On the Purple and Blue Plans, 99% fat-free turkey is Zero Points. On the Green Plan, you have to count points in turkey. Keep in mind you also get more Daily points on the Green Plan, so it tends to even out for the most part.

WW Purple Plan Videos

Amy at N is for Nurse did a Q&A about the Purple Plan! 🙂

First look at what's new on the Purple Plan


What Barrett eats on the Purple Plan in a day

We would love to hear about what you're eating on the Purple Plan, how you're feeling, and what experiences you're having. Leave a comment below! 🙂

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